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A massive spike in BYOD, mobile users and new enterprise application deployments has created network congestion and complexity.

These trends have severely restricted IT's ability to quickly respond and maintain network reliability.

To meet this challenge forward thinking organizations are leveraging Virtual WLAN Controllers that enable cost-effective, flexible, reliable wireless deployments that help address BYOD and provide seamless integration of wired and wireless networks.

To gain a competitive edge, look for a Virtual WLAN solution that provides controller clustering, in-service software upgrades, self-organizing adds, moves and changes, and local switching across the portfolio.

Top solutions in this space do not require enterprises to have multiple islands of networks within their infrastructure and can instead have a common, unified end-to-end network for user access -- whether it's wired or wireless.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Tina Herrera to gain Juniper Networks' perspective on Virtual WLAN Controllers.

Tina is a Director Enterprise Access Marketing at Juniper Networks.

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