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Trends such as mobile device proliferation and the increasing use of video and remote collaboration are opening up profitable opportunities for enterprises.

Unfortunately, these opportunities also come at a time of shrinking budgets, IT staff reductions and an increasing demand for ubiquitous, always-on wireless service for mobile devices.

Fortunately, comprehensive wireless LAN solutions can offer measurable advantages in provisioning, security, performance, reliability and management to address these new realities.

To gain a competitive edge, look for a WLAN solution that provides an advanced architecture that is designed specifically for mobility.

Top solutions in this space deliver high performance through a highly distributed, intelligent WLAN architecture that allows offloading of encryption, packet inspection and packet forwarding from centralized controllers to the access points.

We interview Tina Herrera to gain Juniper Networks' perspective on Enterprise Wireless Local Area Networking.

Tina is a Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Juniper Networks.

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