Autonomous Mobile Robots Revolutionize Productivity






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Despite the benefits of streamlining key logistics processes through fixed automation hardware, flaws lie in its inflexibility and costly implementation.

Traditional storage facility architecture is too blunt a tool for the modern supply chain business.

Major logistics hardware systems don't allow enterprise leaders to respond agilely to problems as they arise, and aren't scalable to changing needs.

They are also expensive and come with lengthy research, development and roll out times.

That's where automation empowers logistics operators to improve supply chain processes.

Adaptable to individual needs and designed to integrate seamlessly with existing warehouse management systems, modern robotics suit businesses across all industries and growth stages.

The difference between the AMR solution and a traditional system of fixed logistics infrastructure and human operators is how it revolutionizes productivity.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews John Santagate to gain Körber Supply Chain Software's perspective on AMR Productivity.

John is the Vice President of Robotics & Voice at Körber Supply Chain Software.

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