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Today, business success requires getting good ideas to the market quickly.

And for many companies that means turning them into software and delivering it faster than ever without sacrificing quality.

But modern software systems—and the organizations that deliver them—are complex and riddled with interdependencies.

To become an agile enterprise, enterprise architects, portfolio managers, and other executives must gain insight into the status of each application in their portfolio, so they can make effective resource and investment decisions.

And when a business decision is made, it must be pushed down into the application teams for implementation and tracked across its lifecycle, from its origins in strategy, through development, and into deployment and production.

But each team is unique. Each may choose its own development methodology, application lifecycle management tools, and metrics to track.

Some are moving to DevOps to increase agility.

As a result, the information that feeds business decisions is difficult to obtain and is inconsistent across teams.

In addition to tracking the status and progress of each team and application, executives need to aggregate metrics from disparate tools into a single, consistent view that lets them make better business decisions and track the progress of decisions as they are carried out by the application teams.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Victoria Voinigescu to gain Micro Focus' perspectives on Achieving an Agile Enterprise.

Victoria is a Sr. Product Manager of Agile Portfolio and Lifecycle Strategy with Micro Focus.

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