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No one likes infrastructure upgrades. Replacing new hardware is a costly, never-ending battle. But software upgrades, especially major ones, can entail even lengthier and more expensive projects.

When it comes to dealing with today’s massive volumes of data—processing it, analyzing it and reporting on it— well not upgrading can be even more expensive.

Often software upgrades introduce major changes. Whether by choice or due to changing technology, these changes affect not only existing features, but also the underlying data structures and platform.

And almost certainly, the added features require newer, more efficient server hardware, memory and storage.

If you have an existing SAP implementation or are considering a new one, you probably know SAP has made radical (and necessary) changes to its underlying architecture.

“Necessary” because the volume of data we collect—and process, analyze and store—is growing at an astronomical rate.

Existing infrastructures and databases simply cannot handle the load.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Mike Mitsch to gain NEC's perspective on Infrastructure as a Service.

Mike is the Managing Director of Infrastructure as a Service at NEC Corporation of America.

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