Predictive Analytics Drives Workplace Safety







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A diverse set of company stakeholders are demanding better results each and every year across all aspects of their business including in safety.

Now that advanced and predictive analytics are both proven and pervasive in other business functions, it is much easier to make the case to employ them in safety.

In order to employ predictive analytics in your workplace safety program, you need to fuel the predictive models with data from a robust safety checklist and inspection process, whether it be behavior based or compliance and conditioned based.

Whether in pursuit of improved financial results, or the ability to ensure that every employee goes home safe every day, predictive analytics needs to be considered as part of a 21st century, world-class safety program.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Griffin Schultz to gain Predictive Solutions' perspective on Predictive Analytics in Workplace Safety.

Griffin is the General Manager of Predictive Solutions.

Contact Predictive Solutions at 412-809-1888 or 1 800-991-3262.

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