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Almost everything in the data center generates log files, itís not uncommon to see volumes of 100 million events per day.

Those events are generated by servers, routers, applications, virtual machines, databases, and operating systems, among others.

With this volume of data, itís hard to pinpoint problems and correlate them across devices in real-time to address problems quickly.

When an outage or performance issue does occur, teams work in parallel attempting to address the problem.

Because teams typically use separate monitoring tools, itís difficult to correlate events and quickly identify the root causeóand harder to predict issues before they impact users.

Michael Lippis interviews John Schitka to gain SAP's perspective on leveraging IT Operations Analytics for Real Time Insight.

John a Senior Director of Big Data Solutions Marketing for SAP.

Contact SAP at 1-800-7872-1727 or click here.

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