Predictive Analytics Drives Current Insights






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In an age of demanding customer expectations and increasingly aggressive competitors, organizations are rapidly moving from reliance on business intelligence (BI) tools that provide a snapshot of the past to those that provide an accurate picture of the present and a prediction of future trends.

Synthesizing massive amounts of historical data as well as up-to-the-minute live data interactions to determine the “next-best offer” or predictor is a difficult task.

But companies need to tackle it if they want to meet their business objectives, which center around competitive advantage, cost savings, and greater revenues.

The right analytics architecture will play a pivotal role in the success of predictive analytics, not only providing companies with current intelligence, but also helping them maximize their revenue potential during short windows of opportunity.

We interview Tom Traubitz to gain SAP's perspective on Predictive Analytics.

Tom is a director of solution marketing for the SAP Sybase IQ product line.

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