Supply Chain Trends: Packaging 2.0 Paradigm




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The Packaging 2.0 paradigm continues to grow.

Smart packaging helps keep harmful bacteria and spoilage microorganisms contained and plastic pollution out of the environment.

Leading firms have formulated corporate sustainability goals which are being pursued with smart packaging partnerships.

However, recycling isnít always as straightforward as it should be Ė not all materials are recyclable, and not all materials can be recycled in the same place.

To gain a competitive edge, organizations are adhering to high environmental standards from manufacturing to end-of-life.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Jonathan Jakubowski and Ashleigh Hotz to gain SmartSolve Industries' perspective on Smart Packaging with Water Soluble Technology.

Jonathan is President and Ashleigh is Director of Sales and Marketing Director at SmartSolve Industries.

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