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Reusing IT equipment — instead of destroying or even recycling it — plays a critical role in sustainability strategies.

Leading firms are extending IT equipment asset life spans by redeploying them for alternate uses.

Another way that distributors support companies with long-term supply chain management is through IT asset disposition (ITAD) services.

ITAD is a system of responsibly disposing of IT hardware through remarketing or recycling.

At the end of every shortage, companies typically experience inventory hangovers, where they have more inventory than they want.

The longer that unneeded parts sit collecting dust on warehouse shelves, the more likely they’ll become obsolete and lose resale value.

ITAD services can bring value back by generating revenue from surplus electronic components.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Shawn Cunnie to gain Smith's perspective on Information Technology asset disposition.

Shawn is the Director of ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) at Smith.

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