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While some believe that the Warehouse Management space is mature, others continue to invest in the rapidly evolving landscape of distribution robotics.

A case in point are Order Fulfillment Systems in which the WMS directly controls picking sub-systems such as Voice, pick carts, put walls and pick-to-light without the need for any additional third-party control software.

This provides significant benefits to distribution operations, such as dramatically lowering hardware costs for the picking sub-systems and devices, eliminating the need for integration between the WMS and the picking system control software, and enabling enhanced optimization of the end-to-end picking process through complete control with one system.

Current WMS research includes areas such areas as capturing and utilizing demand signals from IOT devices, use of next-generation real-time location systems in the DC and leveraging machine learning techniques in the WMS.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Dan Gilmore to gain Softeon's perspective on the Warehouse of the Future.

Dan is the chief marketing officer at Softeon.

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