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Enterprises are facing challenges in meeting the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Starting on May 25, 2018, this European Union (EU) GDPR regulation mandates that all companies and institutions are legally bound to rules aimed at protecting personal data and for upholding the data privacy rights of individuals residing in the EU.

The immense data stores, networked systems, business ecosystems and technologies that enable companies to serve their markets and customers, hold a vast amount of information that needs to be reined in.

Few companies have the required oversight across their distributed data and processing activities and the insight into precisely what kind of data they house to be able to comply with GDPR rules.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Dr. Ulrich Kalex to gain Software AG's perspective on GDPR compliance.

Ulrich is a Senior VP Product Management and R&D for Software AG.

GDPR will affect every organization doing business in the European Union by 2018. The time to build your compliance strategy is: NOW. Talk to one of Software AG's GDPR experts to find out about the most urgent actions you need to take care of.

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