Ultrasonic Torchless Metal Welding






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Leading firms have been leveraging ultrasonic vibrations for welding metals for decades.

Ultrasonic metal welding has applications in the electronic, automotive, aerospace and appliance industries.

The word welding may make you think of an exposed flame of a torch and red hot molten metal.

But, ultrasonic metal welds are produced when metals are rubbed together under pressure.

The intense scrubbing action at the interface causes surface films and oxides to be dispersed.

The base metals are then mixed together to form a true metallurgical weld.

Typical welds are produced in less than one second and require approximately one tenth of the power of a resistance weld.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Dave Krysiak to gain Sonics & Materials' perspective on Ultrasonic Metal Welding.

Dave is the North American Sales Manager at Sonics & Materials.

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