In Memory Databases Drive Extreme Performance for Next Gen Transaction Processing





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In Memory Databases IMDB enable data virtualization and scaling which are critical to meeting the needs of high data volume and high concurrent user organizations, whether deployed in public cloud or private data center environments.

Leveraging a fully integrated in memory database eliminates the need for application changes and provides the flexibility that allows in-memory databases to be configured to meet application requirements.

In data centers, the IT challenge is to increase efficiency and availability while lowering data center costs.

At the same time, application deployments in grid and cloud computing environments are increasing the requirements of transaction processing systems to support large volumes of concurrent users with high transaction rates.

In memory databases address these extreme requirements by delivering increased data throughput and greater concurrent activity while elevating productivity and uptime.

We interview Raj Rathee to gain Sybase's perspective on in memory databases.

Raj is a product manager for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

Contact Sybase by calling 1.800.SYBASE5 (792.2735) or 925.236.5100 or click here.

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a high-performance relational database management system for mission-critical, data-intensive environments.

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